Tuesday, November 15, 2011

...More Please?

I found this scrumptious banana bread recipe
from the Heavenly Homemaker site.
Let me tell you... I never knew that banana bread
made with no white flour or sugar could taste so good!
I am constantly going to that site to find great recipes!
If you haven't... you should check it out!

Cory was enjoying himself a piece of banana bread the other day...
and to my surprise, he shared a little with Eloise!

"More Please?"


  1. Cute!! And I am completely surprised he let her have some! Yay dad!!! :o) I love the photo of her finger to her mouth...and the last one!! :)

  2. Oh Nen, I love her big, fluffy cheeks and her eyes...Her expressions here are priceless! She is a lovely baby. Hugs! Loretta

  3. She is so freakin adorable. It is so sweet to see her on two feet. Now she looks like a grown up little people :)

  4. We can all see by the expressions on her face she liked the bread. She sure is a cutie pie. Blessings!


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