Thursday, September 10, 2009

Been Doing A Little of This, A Little of That...

Over the holiday weekend, Cory and I did some gardening. We went to Lowe's and used some of our gift certificates from our wedding (THANKS!) and picked up a few things. We didn't do a whole lot... but each little bit counts and in the springtime... we are going to have a nice little chunk of colorful blooms! And it will be a surprise of color since we aren't sure what colors the blooms will be!
We also took a trip out to the flea market. It was a splurge for me... Cory knew I was wanting to look for some display pieces for my items that I'd like to sell at the upcoming fall festival. We were on the lookout for a ladder. You know, an old and worn out looking one with character. We found one... but hadn't made it too far around the flea market and decided we'd come back for it. AGH! Someone else bought it in the mean time. We should've known that would happen, but we took our chances. We saw the lady lugging it around and I kept kicking myself! We did end up finding a really cool wooden piece that will work to display my cards. I didn't take a picture... but I probably will at the festival. On our way out, we spotted some neat old windows and doors. The kind with glass panes. The doors looked like they were from an old cupboard and the panes were busted out... but I have some plans for them. :) Think... fabric and hinges!
On Monday, we decided to bake some pie with blueberries that Cory's mom gave us. So we made mini-pies! Too cute and delicious! And yesterday I worked on more kitties and plan on keeping on that task for the rest of the afternoon today... They are turning out cute. I'll post a pic when I get a few done.
And this morning, I baked some bread. I only made a small loaf since it's just me and Cory... but I'm excited to try it! I am waiting for Cory to get home though. :)
I hope you're all having a great Thursday! It's beautiful outside here! I just mowed the lawn and the breeze was fantastic!!

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