Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My 200th Post!!!

No, I'm not having a give-away... sorry. Just can't afford it at the moment with all the moving and shaking of wedding plans and moving into a new house! BUT! I did want to show you what I got today! (And share a few other pics as well now that I finally had the chance to upload them!)

Lookie here:

A woman at work has 2 alpacas! I heard her talking to another co-worker the other day about her having sheared them over the weekend. My ears immediately perked up! I have always wanted #1... to buy an alpaca (or two.. or three)... and #2... learn how to spin my own yarn!! I asked her what she did with the fleece and she said... BURN IT! I almost choked! She told me that I could have it if I wanted it! WOOT! So now I am excited to get into that! I have never ventured into the land of carding and spinning... but I have found a great website that is giving me a lot of info! Of course I don't have a spinning wheel... but I figure I can use a hand spinner (that you can buy for a decent price on Ebay) to get started. Then maybe someday (*sighs wistfully*) I can use my own yarns on my loom!!! :) :)

Anyway!!! Cory has been busy, busy, busy at the house. I feel horrible because I never help. Ok, sometimes I help... but I think I'm more of a nuisance than anything. But I still feel bad. Its just awful to have to come home from work, load up the car, load up the dog, drive 45 mins, unload the dog, unload the car and then PAINT! Then load up the dog and drive 45 mins home... and have to be home in time to get sleep for work the next AM. BLAH! Poor Cory paints before work, after work, on the weekends! I miss him! We hardly see each other!! :( Here are a few pics...

Looks who is all packed up and ready to move to the new house:

Ok... maybe not QUITE yet!

Here is Cory primering the 2nd bedroom:

Here it is finished... with new carpet... collecting junk until the other rooms are ready to go: (its hard to tell.. but the paint is a hint of blue--or maybe a lil more blue than that... I am hoping furniture will tone the blue down once we get it in--paint chips are so deceiving!!)

And the living room... its a pale green. Paler than what we were expecting... but it works! Depending on the lighting it takes on a creamy hue:

I really would like to share some photos of wedding prep stuff (like the flower girl dress, my jewelry, etc.) but I don't want to take the chance of Cory seeing... so you'll just have to wait in suspense!! LOL!

I am off to pack up some more stuff! Hope you're all having a great week...

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  1. congrats on 200 posts! :) that's great!!! WOW....those colors on the walls look great! Really brightens things up! I love it!


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