Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Fall Festival!

The weather held out for most of the day at the Fall Fest! It was pretty dreary, but it wasn't too cold and it only sprinkled toward the end. Thank goodness! It was a long day... but we didn't do too bad and I thought I'd share some pictures. You can also see pictures on my Sis's blog.

This was when we were setting up... my cousin Molly.

This was my mitten tree... but no one bought any mittens... :( Oh well! I'll maybe post them on Etsy!

This was our table set up and some of the items... (sorry, I'm not much of a photographer). We sold our handmade pottery, mittens and jewelry, as well as some garland and prisms. We also set up some items for another lady we know who makes and sells soaps and herbal products... and she also melts glass bottles (which are really cool to use as cutting boards or decorations) (My boss's wife came by and bought the pitcher in the photo above!) :)
My cousin Molly and her mom helped... which was so nice not to be stuck behind the table all day! Molly also helped my mom and me with Face Painting. We took donations to give to the food pantry. I believe we collected around $90! That was a lot of face painting! Here is Molly painting on my nephew's face. We didn't do all of the kids faces like this - usually just on the cheek... but we spoil our own.
What a cutie!!
And last... but not least... here is Cory hard at work. I'm just kidding! He deserved a nap... he always goes above and beyond to help. I just couldn't resist getting his picture!

I hope you all are getting out to those fall festivals! I'm headed out to one next weekend also, only this time... to shop till I drop!!

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  1. I bet if it would have been colder...people would have bought the mittens! i love the mittens you make! :o)

    Jaxson looks too cute...LOL. I love that pic you got!!! ;)


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