Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eloise & Boo

I feel like I haven't had a chance to sit down to the computer to really focus in DAYS. So I apologize, but I am behind on my blog posting... as well as my blog reading!!

If you've been keeping up with my blog for the past month or so, you'll know that my father in law has been battling cancer. He has finished his chemo treatments and will be meeting with his surgeon next week. Over all, I think he has held up like a champ! He has dealt with side effects, but he doesn't seem to let it get him down. In the time that he's been having treatments, etc.... Boo has been spending a lot of time at my in laws house. She is good for moral support and is a great distraction for them - which they definitely need right now. Although we miss her, we get to see her a few times a week... and we know that the need for joy is greater at their house.

Eloise and Boo never really took much interest in each other... and let's face it, I need to give more attention to my 5 month old baby than my 5 year old dog. That's just life.

This past weekend, my in laws brought Boo by to spend a few days at home... and to our amazement... Boo and Eloise LOVE each other!

Ok, so Boo isn't quite as thrilled as El. But it has been fun to watch. Eloise loves to coo and squeal when Boo is around. She loves to touch her and watch her play with her toys.

Boo has been GREAT and doesn't even bother El's toys or anything! And she doesn't snap... not to say that she wouldn't (I know dogs can be unpredictable no matter how much you trust them)... but Boo has been REALLY great.

I love to see "sibling" love! :)

My father in law will most likely be picking Boo up today. It was good to have her home for a bit! Please continue to keep my FIL in prayer as he battles through this horrible disease!!


  1. She is so funny (El)....at the end of the video its almost as if she is calling out "come back doggy, come back!!" So, so funny! I can't believe how much Eloise loves her! :)

  2. She is so cute. I am surprised Boo would ever go near her!

    Love, Madelyn

  3. ahh i loved the video! she looks like she is about to get upset boo walked away in the end!
    ill keep your fil in my thoughts

  4. I have not had much time to blog or visit blogs myself lately. It is wonderful that your Boo can bring joy to your in laws. So good of you to share her with them. Prayers lifted for you FIL. Eloise is a doll baby. Blessings!

  5. I will keep you father-in-law in my prayers. I enjoyed the video with the baby and dog. I told our son that I think their baby and dog will be great pals. It looks like Noah is already turning to watch the dog now. The last few days have been going some better for parents and child. I have passed on your emails to them. Any little suggestions can help.


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