Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Upon further review... the doctors found 7 lesions on Gene's brain (originally it was believed to be 4).  They are coming up with a radiation treatment plan to hopefully get rid of the small masses, and if that works move on to surgery at another point for the larger one.  We thank everyone for their kind words, thoughts and prayers.  It truly means a lot!  We are just taking things one step and one day at a time.

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, where I'm sure the doctor will want to talk about inducing.  It is not my wish to be induced, as I wish to do things as naturally as possible - given the fact that I'll be in a hospital setting (I'm not quite at 40 weeks yet)... and we are hoping that Gene will be able to come home at the end of the week to start treatments at a local hospital.  If this baby can hold out until then, perhaps "Mimi" and "Pappy" can be there for the special day.  That is my hope!


  1. Just remember, you don't have to induce...at all. You aren't even late yet. Just express that to the dr. I am sure he will understand. Chris and I have been praying continually for Gene. We love him..and all of you! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon though!!! **hugs**

  2. Dear Devon i am a great fan of your sister's blog, which, has helped me so much this past year. I do look at your blog from time to time to see how mum and baby are getting along.
    I am praying alot for your father in law,its wonderful they are thinking of a treatment plan for him. I agree with katie you do not have to be induced at this stage. Good luck with what ever you decide and i will continue to pray for your father in law. Best wishes jackie x

  3. Devon, thanks for the update. I will continue to have all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that your hopes come true. Love ya! Marie

  4. Still praying for you.Don't induce if you don't want to your not even 40 weeks!

  5. still praying for him & you all.

  6. Devon,

    I birthed all four of our children naturally, but our first born was 11 days past his due date. He weighed the most, (and was the most overwhelming to deliver), but wasn't out of the "normal weight" range. For what it's worth, I had once read that a normal full term pregnancy could be anywhere from 38-42 weeks, and every woman as well as each pregnancy is different. (:
    Still praying for you all during this (mix of emotions) time.



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