Friday, January 4, 2013

Drum Roll Please....

Please welcome...

Dinah Jean

6 lbs, 9 oz (18" long)

I labored at home... Cory dropped me off at the ER entrance at 8:35PM.
He couldn't drive through to the parking lot because of a Life Flight Helicopter...
so I headed in and waited for them to send me to Labor and Delivery.

We got signed in to L/D at 8:58PM...
2 pushes later...
and Dinah was born at 9:12PM.

The doctor barely had time to get to the hospital and
I don't believe they even had time to tie his gown!

But all is well with mommy and baby!
Should be going home tomorrow!

(Cory and his folks... they made it home in time from the hospital to be here to greet our sweet baby!)


  1. She is perfect!!! I love her and that photo of Cory and his parents is GREAT!!! :)

  2. Welcome to the world, Dinah!! She's beautiful :)

    Devon, I also wanted to let you know (since I rarely get on FB these days and am so out of the loop it's not even funny) that I'm faithfully praying for Cory's dad! God has the power to work miracles. Trust in Him :)

  3. She's a doll! Congratulations to the both of you...I love her name. I know her sister will be sooo happy to have her here. Take good care. God be with you all through your father-in-laws health prpblems!
    Warmest Regards,

  4. congratulations to you all! DINAH JEAN looks perfect,what beautiful skin she has. CORY looks very proud. I will hold you all in my prayers. best wishes jackie x

  5. Congrats' what a beautiful baby!!!

  6. Congratulations! Dinah is gorgeous! Eloise is going to be an amazing big sister!

  7. Congratulations. Can't wait to see videos of El fussying over her Lil' Sis.

  8. Congratulations!
    I am so thankful Corey's dad was there too.
    God bless you all!

  9. A beautiful addition to your family!! El will certainly love having a little sister to play with!! SO SO glad Patty & Gene were able to be there to share your joy! Love you much!! Aunt Ginny

  10. Congratulations! Good job, Mama! You chose a very sweet name.

  11. Oh, she's so beautiful! There's nothing better!


  12. She sure is precious!!! Perfect little girl!!!

  13. Congrats Devon and Cory, that is so awesome. I was wondering about you yesterday annd thinking I bet you had a baby by now. Can't wait to hear about Eloise and her new baby sister.

  14. Welcome to the world Dinah. You are so very loved :)


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