Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Baby! 11 Months!

Eloise is napping...
And though there are dishes to do, floors to sweep and laundry
that should be thrown into the washer....
I wanted to sit and post about our beautiful, sweet little girl!
Of course, that's what most of my posts are about anyway...
but as you can tell by the title:

Eloise is 11 months old today!!

I'm happy that she is growing and changing...
but sad that she isn't that little baby anymore!

Since she has been walking (taking her first steps in Oct!)
We have watched her become more and more independent...
more and more like a... toddler!

(This is her playing with a toy vacuum that our neighbors gave
her for Christmas... it's so cool.. I want to play with it! HA!)

If you've read any of my other "monthly" baby posts...
you would know that she's been walking for a couple of months...
She also says "Boo Boo" (our dog), "Mama", "Dah" (dad), "Bah" (balloon)...
and she also waves and says "HI" and "ByeBye".

We have this Santa by our Christmas tree...

Eloise will run to him and say "Hiiiii..." and then pat his beard.
You can imagine the surprise the one night when we asked her where
Santa was... and she ran to him, saying "San-tuh... San-tuh".
Cory and I looked at each other, probably with the most ridiculous
faces ever, because we were just flabbergasted!


This girl loves to play with cars and things that roll!
She likes this alligator toy because it squeaks as it goes.

She also loves to play "chase" around our chair in the living room.
We could spend hours (and probably do!) running around the chair...
and she's smart... she will know when we are coming around and
she will turn and come "catch" us!

I have to admit, it makes me laugh hysterically when I can actually
startle her. So often she can anticipate us peeking around the chair...
but there are those rare moments when she jumps because we've
surprised her... and it cracks me up to no end!!

She still loves balloons...

It's adorable to watch her walk around with a balloon trailing her!

She still nurses... and she LOVES her cereal... but she's
not too keen on baby food. We still try to give it to her... and
we succeed after a bit of a fight... but she wants
to eat what we're eating. We do give her some, but
try to limit - especially since she can't have
dairy products yet.

Bath time is always enjoyable...
she loves the water!

She likes to break out and dance at
random moments. Even if it's when I'm singing...
(horribly, I might add)

She will break out in giggles for no reason.
Yesterday at the store, she started giggling when I was trying
to check out. The cashier laughed and said she wished
Eloise could stay with her all day and keep her spirits up!

We constantly get compliments on how well she is
behaved... but I know there will come a day that she'll
have a public tantrum. Oh, I do not look forward to that!!

Books are a must - which is why Santa is bringing
her, like, 10 for Christmas! Though she is very mobile,
she still likes to sit and read her Sesame Street books.
We have read them so many times... I don't even need to
look at the words!!

I could go on and on...

She is one fun, sweet girl!
Next month... I will probably gush even more!
But I don't even want to think about it just yet...
One day at a time!!

Christmas Blessings to you all!


  1. Oh how I love that little girl!!! :) Such a blessing she is! xoxo Give her a hug and kiss from Auntie Katy and tell her I'll see her tomorrow! Yippee! <3

  2. Sharing your journey of motherhood has been exciting. Keep gushing you have much to be proud of. Eloise is precious. Blessings!


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