Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's the first time in over a week (if not longer) that I've gotten all of the dishes washed!  I felt the need to document it because it is quite a rarity these days!  When you don't have a dishwasher... sometimes (most times) spending QT with the family after a meal trumps getting the dishes washed in a timely manner!  But, I am proud to say that the dishes are DONE (at least for a few hours until dinner anyway!).
Today is Cory and my 4th Anniversary! 
We've been together 8 years... and married 4. 
What a rollercoaster it has been... especially with his dad's cancer issues (He goes for scans next month)... and my grandma battling Alzheimers (the anniversary of her death is next month as well)... but best of all... we've got these two sweeties: 
They are our world!!
So.. 4 years down... and hopefully many more to go!
Happy Anniversary Cory!!  XO

Monday, May 6, 2013


May 3rd marked Dinah's 4th month!
Time is going way too fast for this mama!
She is just a bundle of joy and smiles! 
And what a sweet sight it is to watch Eloise make her giggle!
(You can watch a video HERE)
They sure love each other!
May 4th was Boo's 7th Birthday!
I remember picking her out from a litter of pups.
Eloise was quite excited to have Boo open her presents!
Life is Good.