Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My 200th Post!!!

No, I'm not having a give-away... sorry. Just can't afford it at the moment with all the moving and shaking of wedding plans and moving into a new house! BUT! I did want to show you what I got today! (And share a few other pics as well now that I finally had the chance to upload them!)

Lookie here:

A woman at work has 2 alpacas! I heard her talking to another co-worker the other day about her having sheared them over the weekend. My ears immediately perked up! I have always wanted #1... to buy an alpaca (or two.. or three)... and #2... learn how to spin my own yarn!! I asked her what she did with the fleece and she said... BURN IT! I almost choked! She told me that I could have it if I wanted it! WOOT! So now I am excited to get into that! I have never ventured into the land of carding and spinning... but I have found a great website that is giving me a lot of info! Of course I don't have a spinning wheel... but I figure I can use a hand spinner (that you can buy for a decent price on Ebay) to get started. Then maybe someday (*sighs wistfully*) I can use my own yarns on my loom!!! :) :)

Anyway!!! Cory has been busy, busy, busy at the house. I feel horrible because I never help. Ok, sometimes I help... but I think I'm more of a nuisance than anything. But I still feel bad. Its just awful to have to come home from work, load up the car, load up the dog, drive 45 mins, unload the dog, unload the car and then PAINT! Then load up the dog and drive 45 mins home... and have to be home in time to get sleep for work the next AM. BLAH! Poor Cory paints before work, after work, on the weekends! I miss him! We hardly see each other!! :( Here are a few pics...

Looks who is all packed up and ready to move to the new house:

Ok... maybe not QUITE yet!

Here is Cory primering the 2nd bedroom:

Here it is finished... with new carpet... collecting junk until the other rooms are ready to go: (its hard to tell.. but the paint is a hint of blue--or maybe a lil more blue than that... I am hoping furniture will tone the blue down once we get it in--paint chips are so deceiving!!)

And the living room... its a pale green. Paler than what we were expecting... but it works! Depending on the lighting it takes on a creamy hue:

I really would like to share some photos of wedding prep stuff (like the flower girl dress, my jewelry, etc.) but I don't want to take the chance of Cory seeing... so you'll just have to wait in suspense!! LOL!

I am off to pack up some more stuff! Hope you're all having a great week...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Month Off!

It's been a month and a day since I last posted! Seems longer! So much has been going on, I just haven't had the time or patience to sit and think of something to write about. I usually don't have anything profound to say anyway--but even to muster up some ramblings has been a challenge!

I officially have 23 days of work left (not including weekends)... and I have been moved to an upstairs office instead of down in the shipping office by the warehouse. HALLELUJAH!! Of course, I miss my buddies, John and Bob... but I needed the change and the office needed a little help. They obviously don't want to lay me off or anything since I don't have much time left... (although I wouldn't mind the unemployment!). So I have been helping out with a few other people's responsibilities to get them caught up. We have laid quite a few people off due to the crappy economy (What CHANGE?)... so tasks got put on people who didn't necessarily have a bunch of time to get things taken care of and I am the "go-pher" now and I'm OK with that! Although I do have to fill in for receiving May 13-20... I figure that will be my last "hurrah" on a forklift, etc! LOL! I will miss my friends and the normal routine that I've had for the past 5.5 years... but I will definitely be glad for a change!!!!

Anyway... Cory has been working diligently on the "new" house. Unfortunately the paint chips weren't exactly accurate (to our liking) once it went from one square inch of color to a whole room... and I am not a big fan of our choices... but I guess you live and you learn. And you say OH WELL when you just spent a bunch of money on it all and you can't afford to repaint! It might be OK once we get furniture, etc in there. Cory just took a load of boxes from my house to the new house and is going to unload and then paint some more. All that is left (since we don't have the money to re-do the kitchen/dining room/bathroom right now) is to paint the wall going up the steps and into the small hallway/landing... and then our bedroom. I have gone out a few times to help him... but its hard when it's a 45 minute drive one-way. Cory is a trooper... and besides... I'm a crappy painter!!

My mom and I met with the photographer yesterday. She was really nice... and she took some sample pics, talked about ideas, etc with us. Everything else is coming together wedding-wise. My dress is being hemmed right now. I got my jewelry and shoes. My hair style is finalized. The girls dresses just need final hems and tweaks. I got Cory's wedding present--which I need to wrap. Flowers are ordered... and everything is just in a finalizing state. Oh... and I went shopping and got a few things for our trip to Scotland!! The weather is supposed to be in the 50's--so I got some light sweaters. I am excited... only 33 days!

I went to the new Sunday School class at church this morning. There ended up being only two of us and the teacher (our pastor). It went well, although I should have read the material before class! I forgot I had it until I went to leave and saw it on the chair... so I didn't follow some of what we were talking about.. LOL! But next time I'll be more prepared. It has been a long time since I've been to a Sunday School class. It's sad... but there really hasn't been anything available. It's either the women's class (old ladies) or the BLT's (forget what that stands for... but its mostly people 40+). My church lacks in the young couple department and its really discouraging. Though I love my church family, it would be nice to have some people my own age to interact with and have class with. I would help sometimes with the kids classes... but those too have dwindled. When Cory and I move, we will hopefully be able to find a church with some younger couples... even though I feel guilty about leaving my church!! It's just too far a drive with the economy these days! We'll see though!

Last week was my dad's 50th birthday!!! We had a dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers, homemade potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs and veggies. It was yummy, if I do say so myself! My nephew helped me bake the cake and ice it... but my camera batteries weren't charged so I didn't get any pics. As a group gift, we got my dad a GPS to put in the tow truck he uses for his business! He really liked it! Earlier that day, I attended a TAX DAY TEA PARTY beside our local court house! My sister has a post about it... you should check it out!! Very inspiring!

I'm off to the grocery store for a few items... and then I plan on coming home to read and relax. (I'm reading a REALLY good book... called "Some Wildflower in my Heart"--Jamie Langston Turner. I highly recommend it!!)

Hope everyone has had a good weekend!!