Monday, March 31, 2008

And the Winner is....

Kindra from 3 Guys, A Girl and a Prim Place!! We loved the oreo and the candy poop idea! I am going out tonight to pick up some prank items. (hehehe) Cathy and I have some other ideas up our sleeves... we hope to get them all on video. Check back in the next couple of days to see if I've posted any!

Thanks to the other lovely ladies who participated in my little giveaway. I am going to send them a little something small too for being such good sports!!!

Oh yeah... and Lea, the "tape on the phone" gag... WORKED! But not only did I get the one guy, Bill... he got me a little later! LOL!! We laughed and laughed! Thanks!

Also, the FedEx Guy who we accidentally pranked with the bubble wrap a couple of weeks ago... put bubble wrap under my plastic chair mat at my desk. Cathy apparently stepped on it earlier and it startled her--however it didn't pop when i stepped and sat on the chair, etc. Even when Cathy mentioned something, I had no idea what she was talking about! LOL! He came in later on in the afternoon to pick up a skid and was hinting around about it... and I realized he was the culprit. haha It did pop once I practically jumped on it. Ohhhh.. I can't wait for tomorrow!!!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Time is ALMOST up!!

Get your Prank Comments in ASAP! I haven't had many... and tomorrow I am going to share them with Cathy. I will extend the time a little to tomorrow morning at 9:30. That's when I have break at work and I can share the ideas with Cathy. So put on your thinking caps and share some good, not-too-messy (or gross) PRANKS! We might pull some more bubble wrap gags... that is always good for a laugh. If you didn't see our last one... go to my sidebar and click on (under MARCH) "the most hilarious thing i've ever done". It will take you to the YouTube video of it. (Sorry, I don't know how to link posts).

I am off to bed--I should've been there awhile ago....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Giveaway Pictures!

If you read my post from the other day, here are a couple of pictures of what I am giving away to the winner of my bloggy contest! If you haven't read about the giveaway, scroll down and check it out! You only have till tomorrow--midnight!!!

Sorry, I'm not a photographer--but I tried to at least give you a general idea of whats in the basket!

-A cute little fabric covered book.
-A jar candle from Home & Garden Party - scent: Creme Brulee (YUM!).
-Vanilla Soft Lips chapstick/lipcare.
-A couple of metal Star Decorations - I love stars!
-A small decorative pillow with a nice message.
-A pair of earrings from my Etsy Shop!
-AAAND... you get to keep the cute little basket!

I haven't had very many entries and time is running out!!! Hurry!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Ok everyone... time for my first giveaway!!

I am giving away a small gift basket full of goodies... and by goodies, I don't just mean food! (Although food is yummy!) This gift basket will have a number of items in it... but I have a couple of more things to pick up--so I will post a picture later!

Here's the scoop. Some of you may have read my previous posts (and watched the video) of the pranks I've done at work. As you know, April Fools day is coming up. There really isn't much time to prepare! I need your help! If you can think of a fun, harmless (not messy) prank for me and my coworker, Cathy, to pull on some of the shop guys... leave me a comment!! We don't want to ruin anything or make a mess... we just want to get a good laugh and have some fun. Leave me a comment with your best idea... and if you want, make mention of it on your own blog (you don't have to be a blogger to enter--you can also email me at Entries will be accepted until midnight on March 30th. Then on the 31st, Cathy and I will go through all of the ideas and pick out our mutual favorite (and the one we plan to use!). If your prank is chosen, you win!!! We will also take video of the prank and I will post it here for you to view!!

A few details about my job... I work in Shipping & Receiving. I have access to different size boxes, bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, tape... I have my own office, a fridge, microwave, carpets, computer chairs, desks, phones, a door (watch my prank video to see the general set up). There is also a lunch room nearby with a sink, vending machines, tables and chairs, fridges.... hmmm... I can't think of anything else... hope that helps!!


I've been tagged!!

So my sister, Katy, tagged me for a 6 word memoir about myself. I really had to think about this... and everything I thought of seemed negative!! Finally I have come up with something that seemed appropriate to make it all seem less pessimistic!

"Work in progress through Jesus Christ"

I am in a constant battle with fear, anxiety and worry. I can't explain it... I have been trying to read some books and pray for the strength to make it through each day without bursting into tears. I know I can't do it on my own... I need Jesus.

Here are the rules:

1. Write your own six word memoir
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like
3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post
4. Tag five more blogs with links
5. Remember to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

I have never tagged anyone before... so if your name is on my list and you don't care to join in, that is A-OK!!

Melanie from Melanie's Blog
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lets make it happen!!!

Ok.. so I don't know about you... but I want to be healthy!!! If you scroll to the very bottom of my page, you can see my "weight loss ticker". I was watching what I ate and trying to slim down a bit... but have kind of back tracked after a battle with the cold/flu. I want to get back on the horse and make it happen! I was researching some different programs and their reviews. I happened upon a few mentions of "spark people"... not quite sure what it means, but I signed up earlier this evening and then had to go out for a bit with my mom--so I didn't have a chance to really check it out. What I do know though... is it is FREE. You answer some simple questions about yourself (like your goals, your height, weight, etc) and they come up with a meal plan for you. Then you can keep track of it online. I can't say whether it works or not yet... but I'm certainly going to give it a shot... however, I might have to wait until my next trip to the store because I don't want to waste the food I have now. (Can't afford to do that).

Here is a sample breakfast menu that they have for my personal goal:
(Breakfast) 2 pcs whole wheat toast, 1 little box of raisins (ick--i may have to substitute), 1/2 c. kiwi fruit, 2 T. cream cheese.
(Lunch) 2 c. Romaine Lettuce, 1 T. Kraft Done Right Light Italian Dressing, Chick Peas (yuck!), Crutons (1/2 c.), 1 PB Granola Bar.
(Dinner) 10 spears of Asparagus (not sure if i like that?), Flank Steak(2 oz), 1 c. mashed potatoes, 1/2 c. vanilla frozen yogurt (YEA!), Teriyaki Sauce (no thanks).
(Snacks) 1 box raisins, 1/2 c. cooked oatmeal/cereal.

So, it doesn't seem like much... but there is a button to change your meal plan... and honestly... can my stomach really hold much more? Like tonight, my mom and I went out to eat. I ate SO much--I feel like I'm about to burst! And it wasn't that good! I don't think our stomachs are made for LOTS of food at one time. And there is a whole list of meal changes. If you change your breakfast, you don't have to change your lunch! I like the one that says WAFFLES! I loooove breakfast food.

This site has been really encouraging so far. I don't want to be a rail... but I would like to be a healthy weight and just be healthy in general. My weakness is SWEETS! This site calculates your calories and carbs and all that rot... I am looking forward to using it!

Check it out... its totally free. Hard to believe, I know... but its true.

*Holy Cow... it gives you a grocery list option to print out to take to the store. That's kind of cool*

Ok--I need to get to bed... I just wanted to share. I had never heard of Spark People... have you? If you've ever tried it... let me know! Of course, since it is free... there is less reason to stick with it because you don't get the guilts about having paid for it--but I am glad there is something like this out there. There are too many places online trying to get you to sign up just so they can rip you off!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hey Jude...

Ok, so I'm not a fan of the Beatles... but a friend sent me this on FaceBook... and I thought it was a hoot! This baby is on YouTube a bunch of times... I think he/she knows every single Beatles song out there. LOL....

Hope you all had a nice Easter!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oh, Brother....

Right now I am sitting in the Pool Room (as in... Pool Table) at The Scarlet Cord. We have had a few YOUNGER fellas coming in lately that like to be a little rowdy at times. They really aren't old enough to be in here without an adult--however, my uncle (The President of the Cord's Board) apparently talked to them and as long as they behave, they can stick around. Well, sometimes they get a little worked up and -shall I say- obnoxious. Apparently it doesn't matter that I am sitting in the room with them... they are still acting up. *sigh* Hitting each other with pool sticks... and just being totally ridiculous... despite my "Hey Guys...", "Don't do that" and most recently, "Knock it off". I look at the kids that come in here... and wonder what their parents are thinking? I mean, honestly, of the 15-20 kids who come in here each weekend--I have never met any of their parents. These younger boys back here with me are between ages 8 and 11. What parent would let their kid come into a place at that young of an age... without coming in to meet the volunteers and check it out? Maybe I am just assuming that it would be appropriate to do that... and I know that this is a decent place - obviously since I choose to volunteer here, etc. But it really just makes me wonder. My parents didn't let me and my sister even cross the main road alone at age 8 or 9! Some of these kids are running around Main Street all night!!! Granted, this is a small town... but that doesn't make it safe! At least they are coming in here for the majority of the evenings (on Fri & Sat). It's better than them hooking up with scary kids and doing drugs, etc. Every Saturday evening we try to have a Ministry Time--whether it be a concert or a small little talk/bible study. Ummm... I actually forgot about it until right now -so... umm... oops. Next weekend though(and the weekend after), we have some bands coming in. We need more volunteeeeeers!!! Please pray that we can get some! We only have FOUR right now. Its draining!

I am hoping to get some pictures of the place one of these days to share it with you. We just got new carpet last year and it has made a WORLD of difference in the appearance. I would like to do some other updating---but I'll leave that for another post when I actually get pics up, etc.

**LOL! I just learned about the "Squeak Factor" from a few of the older kids who are sitting at the one table playing cards. Apparently, if your voice hits a shrill/squeaky note... they reserve the right (after 10 times) to kick you. Cory was on strike TWO a couple of minutes ago. LOL! Not that they would kick him... but it just made me laugh that they observed him "squeaking". I must defend him though--because I made some comment that surprised him and he turned and said "WHAT!?"--and it just came out a little higher pitched than it should've. Hehehehe. Oh, these guys!!**


I woke up this morning to THIS:

There was NO SNOW yesterday... AT ALL! What happened to the signs of spring? The snow had melted, the birds were chirping. Ok... so the birds are still chirping... but I think it's cause they're ticked!!!! *sigh* I have to take care of my aunt and uncle's dog this weekend...... and definitely wasn't anticipating a BLIZZARD! I guess I should start getting ready to go. I have to keep telling myself that it's almost over for the year.... alllllmost!! At least its kinda pretty!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hooray For Fridays!

Cory's here and he is making me dinner!! We're going to pop in a dvd and snuggle up on the couch. We finally get a Friday off from the teen center! who needs a night out when its just as nice to stay in!?

Work was boring today--although I did prank Bill by putting a plastic "air pillow" (used to package stuff in boxes) under the wheel of his chair. I ALMOST missed it... but just as I was walking through the door from the shop... he sat down and "POP!!!". He was kind of confused... but realized that I had gotten him (because I was laughing and laughing). He vowed to get me back... however we have made a deal.... Nothing that could cause injury or damage personal goods (like my car)... and nothing that would cause us to have to go home and change (in other words... don't put something sticky on my chair that is going to stick to my butt all day--unless its harmless tape!). So, we'll see what happens!! Apparently he has a plan. Cathy and I are going to try to come up with something good for April Fools... hehehehe....

Ok--back to Cory-Time!! Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Random Meme

I've never done a meme before... I don't even know how to pronounce it! LOL! But I stole this one off of my sisters blog (with her permission, of course). Please fill out one of your own and let me know so I can read it!!


Today. These stupid highschool kids were making fun of my 4 yr old nephew... because he was being a KID and wearing a burger king crown. it ticked me off so bad... i almost drove out to where they were to give them a piece of my mind. i didn't though. people can be so hurtful! poor X was so embarrassed that he took the crown off and dropped his head. :( it upset me so bad...grrrr.


Depends on what pen i'm using.

lately its ham (with swiss cheeeeeeese!)


Not sure... i would hope!

Yep--probably not the greatest thing....


Not since the 2nd grade!



No, but then I have to untie them to put them on later anyway!

Yeah--and I get lots of comments at work about my buff arms.. LOL! I don't know if that's a good thing!!


Mint Choc. Chip


Their face, I guess!


My rotten attitude about some things... but physically--my weight.

My grandpop, my great grandpa... and my friends that live far away!

My fav grey sweats with holes in them... no shoes or socks

Mint Choc. Chip ice cream!

The bluegrass twangy music on my sis's blog (its opened in another tab)

Yellow because its so bright and cheeeery!!


patchouli and nag champa

My mom



Brown (i think there is green in there... but people argue with me about it!)

No--but i probably should get glasses!

I like too many different things....

not scary unless i'm with someone else!


tye dye

Neither..i like spring and fall...LOL

depends on my mood!

Boston Creme Pie

Deliver Us From Evil - By: Don Basham

no mousepad


no tv

The sound of windchimes on a windy day



pottery, i guess

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Items Posted on Etsy...

Check out my Etsy Shop! I just posted a few more things. Even a necklace! It's just a simple clay pendant--but I really like it. Although--I'm a handmade kinda girl!

I was just messing around tonight and made myself a little tealight holder to hang outside on my porch this spring/summer. I could've done better--had I focused... but I was trying to make cookies for a guy at work's birthday... so the timer kept buzzing practically every time I sat down! (Or so it seemed!)

I also wanted to share with you the sweet little hand-carved ivory earrings Cory brought me back from Alaska. I did a little research to see what kind of bird they might be. At first I thought maybe a dove... or swan... but when I did some checking... I have come to believe that they may be a Ptarmigan.
I think they are quite pretty birds!

Welp--I am off to bed! I have had SUCH a hard time waking up the past few days!

Monday, March 17, 2008

What an AMAZING Give Away!!!

Holy cow... Click HERE to go to the Old Red Barn Co. Blog and leave a comment to be entered in this awesome give away!!! Can you believe she is GIVING this quilt away!?! AND 2 gift certificates for her skin care line! WOW! I have been thinking about doing a little give away myself--but I don't know if I can compete with this! Check it out, leave a comment!!

Ok-before you go off entering for the contest.. I just wanted to mention that picking Cory up at the airport was GREAT! I sat and read some--finished a really good book called "Pieces of Glass" by Sarah Kay. AND... I saw a guy that I work with! Small stinkin' world! As soon as Cory called to say he was off the plane... I was out of my seat. I couldn't stand still... I kept looking everywhere--not sure which direction he'd be coming from! Finally, I spotted his Buffalo Bills hat... and started walking toward him. How silly... but I was trying to stifle my excitement. Maybe because of the other people around(?)... I dunno.. I'm not much for PDA. But it was sooooo good to give him a hug. I really don't think I realized how much I missed him until I saw him walking toward me. :) It was a long drive home... but I'm glad I was able to pick him up!! YEA!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just a Few Things....

First and foremost... I have to say that I AM PICKING CORY UP FROM THE AIRPORT TODAY!!!! Woooooot!!! I'm excited--and actually a little nervous! This is the longest we've been apart! It's weird! Hopefully he'll have some good pics and stories that I can share with you.

Second... Here is my nephew trying to help me fold. I cringed at the moment he laid the shirt on the floor to fold it (Dog and Cat Hair!)... but its an old shirt anyway that I'm going to use for rags. So it ended up being OK. I thought he did a pretty good job!

Then, this morning... I was getting ready to make breakfast... and cracked open an egg to find THIS: It pretty much grossed me out. No YOLK!? Is there something wrong with it? Am I going to get sick if I eat it? I didn't want to find out. I threw it away!!

And lastly... when I was at the Teen Center last night volunteering--I got a call from one of the apartment tenants who lives above the Center. My uncle owns the building... so he's the landlord of not only the Teen Center... but the 6 apartments above. Well, my uncle and his wife were gone for the weekend to visit my cousin in DC. So, I had to deal with this guy. Apparently his toilet was clogged. Again. It seems that every other time he uses the bathroom... the toilet gets clogged. And there's nothing wrong with the toilet--if you know what I mean!! So, my uncle has had to have a plumber in there numerous times. Well, last night... there was nothing I could do! The guy was getting a little testy with me... asking me who my uncle had left in charge as "stand-in landlord" while he was away. Apparently my uncle isn't allowed to HAVE A LIFE! Which I understand it's kind of something that needs to be taken care of if your toilet clogs... but the guy didn't need to get snippy at me! (It was an older fellow). So, I reluctantly called my uncle's cell phone... feeling horrible that I may have been interupting something. I filled him in and he said he'd get ahold of the local plumber. So--that was that. Until the phone rang again. UGH. It was the old man... and he said that he got it unclogged. So I had to call my uncle AGAIN... and he had to call the plumber back to cancel. Sheeeeeesh. Talk about weird... weird weird weird! LOL! I seem to attract weirdness. OH YEAH! And one more thing. At work on Friday--when the shift change was going on... one of the day shift guys came in and leaned on my doorway. I asked if I could help him. He asked me "What kind of perfume are you wearing?" - I was a little surprised... wasn't expecting THAT question! So I told him that I wear Patchouli. (I didn't have any on though--but I do have one of those reed diffusers with the scent in my office). So he was lke "Patchouli?" and I was like "Yeah, Patchouli... it's an oil--not really a perfume". And he kind of nodded his head and said "Hmm, I like it.... I think I might get some". Weird. Then he left... and I just kind of sat there - probably with a confused look on my face. Did he want to get some for HIMSELF? I mean, guys wear it too... so its not a big deal--but It was just odd. Maybe he wanted to get it for his wife or girlfriend? I dunno... oh my.

OK--I'm going to get ready for church and then I'll be off to pick up my Corybear!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

This is the most hilarious thing I've ever done!!!

So, today at work... Cathy and I got this bright idea. Watch the video below to see the set up. Our objective was to prank some co-workers when they came down at lunch time to visit us.

Things kind of went haywire--a FedEx Freight Truck pulling in, Cathy's cellphone going off (makes some fun background noise). Let me know what you think!!! LOL!!! It made our day!!! I laugh EVERY time I watch it!! Here's the prank... below:

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Love Your Neighbor!

So, every year... my little town has a [dwindling] festival the third week in June. They shut down one street and have a food court. In the evenings, they shut down part of the main street and have different activities... pet shows, concerts... ummm.... that's about it. The parade on Saturday lasts like 10 mins. Ok... maybe I'm not giving it enough credit. It honestly probably lasts 15 minutes. (LOL!) It has just gone downhill MAJORLY due to some.... power issues, in my own opinion. Anyway. Last year on "church night" (where all of the churches in the community are supposed to pull together and have activities, etc)... Some people from my church and I (having previously planned and prepared)... loaded up Murray (my vw camper--shown top right *sigh*) with all sorts of paints and supplies... and hauled on down the street to where the Church of God, the only church who seemed willing to pull anything together in previous years, had a stage set up for their praise team, etc. We unloaded the van and set up easels (kindly made by a guy at church)... and pulled out "pieces" of the mural (Cory and I had previously drawn/painted the outline on another night--and then the big sheets of plywood/signboard were cut into pieces). We laid out plastic on the street and had all different paints (donated by many people and a couple of businesses)... and started inviting people into our space to paint. The only rule was the they weren't supposed to write any words... and they had to stay in the lines. Other than that--they could use any color, pattern, etc. It took a little bit for people to come over and get the jist of it... but once a few people started... they started FLOCKING! It was great! I was a little stressed, I admit. It took a lot of planning and preparation... but I think it went really well. Here is the finished product, which was put on a big frame and displayed in front of my church on Main Street for like a month!

This year, the Church of God is sending a team to Romania on a mission trip. (My sister's husband is part of the team!) SOOOOO... they have taken a step back from organizing anything--like their praise team and puppet groups, etc--to be on the street at this years fest. Luckily, the lead guy from the church pointed the Festival Board people in my mom and my direction... so we are kind of heading it up now. (If that's how I should put it!). Sooo... if you read my previous post... you'll know that we want to try to get Enter the Worship Circle (wooooot!!!) and also would like to have a drum jam, the community mural, an interactive board game (using people as the game pieces) on the street... AND... ??? We aren't sure what else! I think we might have some face painting too. Does anyone have any ideas? I am really really trying to think of more... but I have so much on my plate with the mural... its like my brain is fried! Also, I am coordinating the vesper service which will be held that weekend also. We are going to invite people after the parade - to walk down to the local dam... where we will have some speakers and praise and worship. I am kind of lost on organizing all of this! We would like to entice people to show up by offering free hot dogs and maybe drinks (depending on donations, etc). The vesper service is another thing that has fallen by the wayside with the festival. I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas! AND also prayer!! I stress quite easily.... and I just want to make this happen for HIS glory!!!

On another note... today was a strange day at work. Despite the BEAUTIFUL weather--it was kind of hectic because of some mistakes that were made (my coworker is training.. and made a pretty big BooBoo... but it was able to be fixed--PHEW!)... and some, how should i say... shouting between a couple of coworkers made for some tears and frustration. The main thing that happened--was me... going out to the one forklift early in the morning to go move some parts around. I get in the forklift and try to pull the seat up a bit for my short legs. I couldn't find the handle... but I noticed something.... odd. There were 3 (thankfully unused and unwrapped) tampons laying on the floor. I was a little baffled, but my coworker, Cathy, has been driving the forklift a lot and so I thought maybe they fell out of her pocket or something!? I didn't know. So, I tried to turn on the forklift. I don't know what my deal was--but the stupid thing wouldn't turn over. I reached down to my right hip to grab my radio (yes, that's right.. "breaker breaker 1 - 9"--haha).. and couldn't get the slip off of my pocket... so I look down to undo it... and see, like, 10-15 more tampons scattered on the side of the seat (not really the floor--you'd have to know what the inside of a forklift looks like to know what I mean). I immediately hopped out and went over to my office to tell Cathy. My first thought was... 'someone doesn't like us girls in this forklift--so they were playing a little practical joke--which was NOT funny'. Cathy thought it was immature as well. So, I called my supervisor. He told me to call the Human Resources lady. Well, I ended up seeing her in the hall at the main office and gave her the run down. You know what her response was? "Well, we can't prove who did it." THAT irritated me. It may seem stupid, the whole situation.... which I agree its definitely just totally ridiculous--but having the feeling of someone being LOW enough to throw tampons all over the forklift... just didn't sit well with me. So, I saw another coworker outside and he walked over and saw the evidence...
(which I REFUSED to clean up!).. and he immediately thought the same thing Cathy and I did. We were just so disgusted and annoyed by it. --sigh-- So, as the morning went on... a coworker in the warehouse made mention of "what was in the forklift"... and I made mention of how I thought it was "rude and ridiculous". SO THEN.. the TRUTH comes out. I honestly had a hard time believing him when he told me... but I couldn't imagine him doing it on purpose to be mean--so I am kind of leaning toward his story... but I can't imagine the culprit! Here, yesterday, when he was loading some skids on a commercial truck, the driver apparently had a busted load that had spilled numerous feminine products in the bed of the truck. So, he grabbed a handful of them from the floor and shoved them at my warehouse guy and told him that he "didn't want them to go to waste". So, still having to drive the forklift, this guy ended up putting them beside the seat and some fell to the floor--which I found this morning. I was skeptical... and still kind of am. First of all.. the truck driver in question has always been super nice to me, talks about church and going to hear speakers... even lent me a tape of a sermon that he and his wife really liked!! Just seemed like a good guy. He is also married to one of my coworkers cousins... who couldn't imagine him doing something like this either! It just seems so odd. And it doesn't add up that the "shouting match" earlier in the AM which was between Cathy and the warehouse guy was about her not moving the parts to the right areas of the shop quick enough (she is NOT a forklift driver--but is filling in for the time being because a guy got fired--and she can hardly even get a forklift because other guys always take them first). Also, another coworker saw a guy (he wouldn't tell me WHO) carrying a suspicious brown paper bag to work. LOL! (that's a stretch for evidence, i know)... and THEN, if the warehouse guy got handed the "products" by the truck driver... and he set them down--he should have picked them up and tossed them when he got out of the lift. Instead, I had to find them! So--yeah. It was just so weird. It's really not a big deal... I just don't want to have people pulling crap on me and Cathy. It may not have been that at all--but we still aren't sure... and it is just disrespectful. SO... that was my strange occurence today.

One final note--I talked to Cory last night on the phone (and again today).... but he mentioned that a guy from MY town... who lived above the Scarlet Cord (where we volunteer)... who has had my dad do work on his car.... was IN ALASKA... staying with people Cory's friends know. WHAT A SMALL WORLD! He was only a few doors down from where Cory was staying! I guess he was there for the Sled Dog Race or something. Just kind of tickled our funny bones! LOL!

Welp-I'm off to call Cory and get some SLEEP!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Adventures in.... Alaska?

Well, sorry... not too many stories to tell about Cory's trip to Alaska. He said its really really cold and ummm.. pretty much cold! LOL! He got to walk on the Bearing Straight... which is kind of cool. I would be too chicken!!! I believe they might be playing golf on the ocean as well at some point. The best news of all... even though I'm not a huge fan of talking on the phone... we didn't think he'd have cellphone service... and by the grace of God.... he does!!! WOOOOOOT! So that makes it nice! The time difference makes calling a little odd... but it works. Yesterday, he called... and they were getting ready to eat lunch, as I was getting ready to eat dinner. haha! He'll have major jet lag when he gets home!!

I have just been working and last night I had a meeting... so nothing too interesting to report. OH! But I am excited... and I'll post more about it at a time when I can really sit and write.... we have a festival in our town each year(in June). This year we are trying to get Enter the Worship Circle for the night the churches put stuff together. Last year we did a community mural and my sis's church had their praise band sing, etc.... but this year... with their church getting ready to send people to Romania on a mission trip... they kind of handed over the reigns and so we are trying to book ETWC. They are amazing! Check them out! I'll go into more detail about the fest later. I may need your help!!!

Gotta get ready for work!
Have a lovely Tuesday!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Come Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Check it out... I don't really know what I'm doing... but I'm trying to figure out how to take part in this whole Ultimate Blog Party thing. Join in! Click on the button and follow the instructions! There are LOTS of links to other blogs and lots of PRIZES! Sounds like F-U-N to me!

A little about myself:
I am a workin' gal, living on the outskirts of a small town in Western PA. I have my own little house and a dog and cat. I am not married, but I have a great boyfriend who spoils me (most of the time)! I work as the Shipping&Receiving Manager of a pretty prominent business in my town (sometimes I wonder why... *sigh*). I have a little shop on I work on in my spare time. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ and am very active in my church. I love arts and crafts and hope to one day be married, have a family and be a Work at Home Mom working with pottery, mitten making and jewelry making! On the weekends, I volunteer (with my boyfriend) at a local youth center--it is a challenge some days... but we've enjoyed building relationships with some of the kids and helping keep a safe place open for them to come to. Please feel free to comment!

As part of the process of entering the contests for Prizes... I am supposed to make a list of the prizes I am interested in most. Here is just a taste of what's out there... but you should check out the site because there are LOTS more (especially for moms and kids--I'm not at that point yet--so I have left most of that kind of stuff off of my list to be fair!):

84. Baby Sling - I have ALWAYS wanted one of these for "some day"... I looooove the green combo!!
79. Skin Care Kit - from Hick Chicks Soap Barn... the Ginger Lime Goat Milk Soap sounds really cool! I am a huge fan of Goat Milk Soap!
80. Scripture Doll - this is a unique type of doll... hopefully the link works! It'd make a great gift for a baby shower or something!!
27. Custom Tye Dyed Layette Set (OK-So I don't really need this... yet... but I couldn't pass up the opportunity!)
102. Fortune Cookie Kit - This would be so fun to try... and a great gift Idea!

I think that about does it!

Friday, March 7, 2008

How fast can you type!?

While trying to get OFF of the computer... I went over to this lovely blog (HERE) and just HAD to click the button to find out how many words I type a minute! I probably could've done better if I wasn't slouching at my laptop and had a decent light on! Try it! :)
61 words


Cory came over tonight--despite the warnings of bad weather. I still haven't really noticed much of a "storm" out there... but who knows! He is leaving for Alaska tomorrow! He won't really have phone service for NINE days! This will be the longest we've been away from each other! Please pray for his safe travels (he has lots of flights and layovers!). He may be able to get to a computer and if he shares any fun stories... I'll be sure to report! (I know they are planning a couple of fun things)...

I'm going to bed... finally!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Real People, Real Friends.

Work was crazy today. It was just an odd day all around with so much going on. Luckily... my coworker, Cathy, helped me out most of the day. I am trying to teach her some Shipping stuff now... since I'll be taking a day off in April (for my dad's birthday so I can make him lunch and dinner.. and peanut butter pie! mmm mmm good!). Anyway, she is learning... and its such a breath of fresh air to have her around! I get along well with my other coworkers... but she is always so bubbly and cheery. We always laugh about something or other. We work in the "shop" part of our facility. Actually, it's hard to explain... but I guess the best way to put it is that I have my own office in a separate building from the main office. My office is in the Welding Shop... so I share a building with 75 or so men. Luckily I have my own nuker and refrigerator so I don't have to share that. (Although I must point out that I am disappointed in some of those guys!! I was selling candy bars in the lunch room to help support my brother-in-laws mission trip to Romania this summer... and a NUMBER of them were stolen. UGH!). Anyway... the women's restroom is in this shop... and I have to walk past a bunch of guys to get there. Man, do I hate that. I feel like they watch me... and know just when I come and go.. and how long I'm in there! LOL! It hasn't been so bad now that Cathy is around... and I try to ignore the guys.. but there have been instances that i've come out of the restroom and one of the guys waited for me to walk past.... and "ZZZZZZIIRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!"--he pressed the lever on his grinder so that it would scare me (which it DID) as I walked past. *sigh* Well, these nerds have also taken to using the women's restroom. It was "locked" for a long time... but you could get in using a nickel. Well someone messed with it... and made the lock all funky and now you have to use a penny. Today, I had not gone in there... and Cathy came into my office in a huff because when she went in... the toilet was running like it'd just been flushed. This is a double stalled bathroom.. but STILL! We constantly go in to a "messy" restroom after night shift has been using it at their leisure. We definitely don't want to take the risk of a guy walking in there while we're in there!!! That would be horrible! We'd asked a number of times before if we could get a REAL lock with REAL keys. Finally, after realizing that DAYSHIFT guys were going in there... a lock was ordered and should be in tomorrow. I mean, even though there are stalls... ummmm... I don't want some random guy in the bathroom when I am in there! Totally inappropriate! Anywho... so, that made our day interesting, I guess. I also had a short heart to heart with Cathy and Bill (the one forklift driver who shares my office). I mentioned before about this book I am reading.... and I read more last night and it really spoke to me AGAIN. So I was telling them a little about it and some of the things it has made me think about. They were a little confused... so I explained how for me, I believe that a lot of times I get "anxious" or "depressed" because I am trying to please people... I am distressed that the things I desire in my life haven't come to be... and how ya know... my grandma, whom I love dearly, has made numerous comments about how my one cousin became a pastor, and my other cousin is off doing other things and graduated from college... and another is in college... and my sister has a family and when I think back to it, I realize how much it bothers me that she doesn't seem to think I have done anything worth talking about. At least, she doesn't mention it to me. I mean, I have done things too.. I graduated high school--went to college for awhile and HATED it. So, I got jobs and paid for my own car (instead of having it GIVEN to me), I bought a house and a dog and two OTHER cars (I did get rid of one)... I volunteer EVERY weekend at The Scarlet Cord. I organized a community mural for our annual town festival. I am on the pastor search committee at my church, the board of christian ed., the fellowship committee. I organized the ladie's Christmas party at work and instead of buying gifts for each other (since we all have MORE than enough)... I had everyone buy gifts for a mother and son who don't have a whole lot and really deserved a nice holiday. Not that I am trying to toot my own horn... I know we all do good things. But I guess there is part of me that feels like a failure because I didn't finish college, because I'm not married and I don't have kids. I am not a pastor or a pastor's wife. I'm just me. I live in a simple small town... with not a whole lot to offer. I like to make things and spend time with family (and Cory!!). I don't preach to the masses or even read my bible every day!! And it's not just because of my grandma. It's lots of things. I have lived in my sister's shadow my whole life. I feel like I've lived in my cousin's shadow too. I was always the ugly, fat one growing up... the guys always flocked to her. So I would have to do things or try to be something I'm not to make up for how crappy it made me feel. I know that it only matters what God thinks. It only matters that I live my life for him. It's not going to do me any good to linger on the other stuff... but for so long I have lived with the guilt of not being good enough... I honestly believe that it is programmed into my head. That's why it is so hard for me to pick myself up out of feeling low or anxious. I've trained my head and body to react this way because it's a defense mechanism. (I always have been a defensive person!) Even though I still have a long way to go, my prayer is that I am able to re-teach myself the right way of thinking, the right attitudes. I believe I can make it out of my suffering. I don't know how long it will take... but I know it can happen. If not in this life, I know that God promises it in the next! Wow, I really went off on that stuff... all to tell you that I really appreciate Cathy and Bill. Sometimes they drive me bonkers, but today, as I was sort of explaining this stuff briefly to them... I choked up and started to cry as I was telling them. And I could see the look in Bill's eyes that he couldn't believe that I felt this way. And Cathy hugged me and they both reassured me that I don't need to worry about what others think of me. That I'm just fine the way I am. Neither one of them even graduated highschool! Not that it makes me any better than them... but they wanted me to know that I wasn't a failure. And Cathy had a kid when she was 17.... and said that if she knew then what she knows now, she probably would've waited till she was almost 30 to have a kid. That surprised me. Not that she doesn't love her 3 kids... but she said that she put them through hell... and they didn't deserve it. The encouraged me that if I wanted to be married and have a family... I could... but they thought that I was doing the right thing by trying to straighten myself out before making those decisions. So many people rush into things. SO... it's been a heck of a day. As much as I don't want to be at my job... I guess it's a good thing that God's brought these people into my life. I believe that they are the type of people that no matter where I go in life, I can always count on them. Even if I hadn't seen them in 15 years and needed something... I could count on them to be there. I appreciate that. They're real.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Birthday Cake Surprise!!!

Today is my brother in law's birthday. We are all going to get together at my parents house for dinner tonight--so I offered to make the cake. It was the first time I ever tried to make a "creative" cake. It was a challenge--I didn't have the best icing squirter thing. I had to improvise. Anyway... I warn you... this is not the nicest cake. But it's funny!!!

(Don't worry, it's just a tootsie roll!)

Have a nice day!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Because He Lives...

I don't know how to link back to my old posts... but if you have read any of them... even as recent as Valentine's day... you'll know that I struggle with anxiety. I don't really want to call it depression, although I do seem to slip into a certain negative mode at times. But, I really think it's an overwhelming sense of fear and uncertainty... indecision.... and not really knowing how to handle it all. I let my mind get jumbled with so many things... that I just tend to be irritable and easily annoyed with most things. I have been reading this book that Cory got me for V-Day. It's called "Will Medicine Stop the Pain?". I started reading it when I first got it... but put it down because I didn't like some of what I was reading. Mainly, I believed what it was saying was true... and I didn't like the truth it was revealing about me. It hasn't gotten too in depth (I have been reading it again), but it talks about how there is nothing scientifically proven to say that there are chemical imbalances in our brains that can be corrected by medicine. I never knew that. I always just assumed that the things I'd heard along those lines were true. Made sense to me... a chemical imbalance---THAT's why I must feel so crazy at times. But, it went on to explain how people are so quick to pass the emotional distress off on things like chemical imbalances--that they never really tackle the root of the problem. I realize there are many different instances in people all over the place... and the book does say that there are definite medical problems that need to be treated in some people when it comes to depression, etc. But it has become so common today to try to treat other "depression-like" symptoms with medicine.... which in turn creates side effects--which turns into another diagnosis--and that means more meds, on and on and on. But, where are our hearts? Maybe God is allowing us to suffer because its the only way we'll draw closer to Him? Maybe it's because He has a purpose for our suffering--to be a help for someone else? God doesn't say that we are to live perfect, normal, care-free lives... there will be suffering. Some people suffer with physical ailments... others with emotional. We aren't always supposed to know the reasons for what we are going through. I have been taking a generic Zoloft medicine for awhile now. I deeply do not want to be on medication for anxiety. I also was taking something else--I don't even know what its called... but I ran out and never refilled the RX. I didn't just change my mind after reading this book (so far). I haven't wanted to be on medicine, ever. I feel like God led me to this book for a reason... to show me that I am not chemically imbalanced... that He wants me to not depend on the medicine and "cover up" my emotional pain. He wants me to draw close to Him and live through my suffering. Maybe one day it will get better, maybe it never will. Paul, in the bible, was constantly struggling and being oppressed... but he let his faith carry him through. It made him even more faithful and grow closer to God. I want to be closer to God. I don't want to suffer this "unknown" emotional pain that I am so often plagued by. I need to get to the root of the problem. What's the root?? I don't know yet. Part of the reason why I stopped reading that book for a little bit was because I didn't want to admit that there was a deeper problem. Part of me just wanted to be chemically imbalanced and "fixed" by medicine. I feel like the doors are being opened to me... and probably have been for awhile... to try to understand why I often feel the way I do. I just have let myself be blind to those things and have tried to ignore it. Today at church... we sung the chorus... "Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He Lives, all fear is gone. Because I know, He holds the future... Life is worth the living, just because HE LIVES." What a familiar tune... and I've sung it so many times before. But today... today it really hit me. What am I doing singing this song? I don't live those words out in my own inner-self. I know its true. But I am singing this song without being true to what I am singing. I started to tear up with the realization that I NEED to be able to sing that song and MEAN it. I have been living in fear for so long. Fear of the future! How can I sing this song... praise God... and still live every day in fear of what tomorrow will bring, what next week will bring, what next year will bring?? I have labeled myself a hypocrite. I stopped singing when I started to choke up... and decided that the next time I sing that song... I will sing it with my full heart and mean every single word. I'm not going to lie to God... he already knows my heart... But I need Him to help me get to the root of my problem(s). For now I sing:

Draw me close to You
Never let me go
I lay it all down again
To hear You say that I'm Your friend

You are my desire
No one else will do
'Cause nothing else could take Your place
To feel the warmth of Your embrace
Help me find the way
Bring me back to You

You're all I want
You're all I've ever needed
You're all I want
Help me know You are near

Thank you for letting me share this with you.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A little bit of sweet... from 1987

I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, but as I walked past my one end table this morning... I saw "The Story of Jonah" sitting there... and it just CLICKED! I never posted it on the blog! Last weekend, when we all went out for lunch, my sister handed me this book as I got into her van. I opened it up and saw that my dad had written in it... and it was mine from him... from 1987!! I was only 4! I don't know how my sis ended up with it...but I'm so glad to have it. It's one of those things I'm going to hold onto forever!! There's just something about the gifts from my dad that make me feel very sentimental. Maybe it's because my mom did most of the Christmas shopping (and still does)... and constantly surprises me and my sister with little odd ball things she picks up for us here and there. When my dad picks something out, just from him... it is rare! I don't even remember the last time I got anything especially from only him. He's always so busy! I do have a bear that he picked out for me, I think it says "96" on it - in his handwriting. I keep that (with the tag intact--with his handwriting) in good care also!! I think the book might be missing some pages though. When I turned to the back of it, the last page didn't seem like it should be the LAST page. Oh well!! Can you figure it'd hold up so well, as it has all these years... between me and my sister - and then her 3 kids!? Thanks, Katy, for giving it back to me!

By the way, you should check out my sister's blog to see her newly decorated bathroom!! It's adorable! (I linked it up at the top of this post).

I kept wanting to post a pic of that ladle I got... ( just figured out how to check the spelling of that in this blog thing! lol )... SOOOO... I took a quick pic this AM. :) I haven't had to use it yet, but one of these days!!

Tonight, there is another concert at The Scarlet Cord. I have to make a couple of veggies to take in for the Band Dinner at 5. Luckily Cory is going to stop at the store for me... because I don't think I have enough corn to make for 25 people. I was going to make green bean casserole in my crockpot also... and Cory's going to pick up some rolls. Hopefully tonight goes as well as last weekend! Usually Cory and I go in on Fridays as the "volunteers" to watch over the place and make sure the kids aren't doing anything they shouldn't be--but we got a huge snow storm yesterday afternoon. I almost didn't make it up this one big hill on the way home. It's like... a HUGE hill. I had pretty good speed going up... but then this Jeep Cherokee-type vehicle was up the hill in front of me...... and when I came up on them... they stopped!! So I had to stop. I wasn't sure what they wanted me to do--go around? So I realized there were 4 or 5 other vehicles coming up the hill behind--and I didn't want them to lose their momentum, so I fishtailed it in first gear to get past this guy. Once you stop - its hard to get going again! I had to go out around him in the deeper snow in the middle of the road. NICE. But I made it past and the other cars followed suit. I can't believe he stopped. Oh well. I made it home... and Cory made it back to his house--but we decided it wouldn't be smart for him to drive the 30 miles out to my place... and I called and made arrangements not to go into the Teen Center. I can't imagine what the roads would have been like at 11 PM when I would start driving home. If Cory was with me, it wouldn't be so bad--butI didn't like the idea of being out there in a snow storm alone! So, I hung out with my mom - we ate pizza (shame on ME!)... and then I went to bed around 9:45. (That's late for me--but earlier than I am able to go to sleep most friday nights!). I think we have over a foot of snow out there. I would take a picture, but I don't have any good angles to boast about. You'll just have to imagine it! I hear its supposed to be 50 degrees on Monday--so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Hope everyone is staying warm! :)